Project Description

The natural environment is the core of my work.

My connection with the earth and the elements explores our relationship with primal nature.

I see our history, joys and pains embedded within nature. 

With the landscape embodying the human condition of frailty and resilience.

We are in symbiotic relationship with all, the physical and human environment. 

And yet we reek much damage upon it, and upon ourselves.

The Apple Thankfully still Blossoms.

Works For Sale

Limited Edition Prints are on Archival 100% Cotton Rag paper, Signed and Numbered.

60 x 60cm      Unmounted Prints, Edition of 6 with 2 Artists Proofs   €240.00

If you wish to order a print please email me with details of the piece you wish to purchase along with you delivery address.

Delivery is charged as extra.

Project Details


Project Start Date:

18th September 2020