greeting cards

greeting cards I make a range of handmade fine art greeting cards based around Irish wildflowers and our natural environment.  The cards are all high quality fine art prints on heavyweight cotton rag (watercolour) paper with heavyweight envelopes. They are a special gift, but are at a price point where customers buy them for regular and repeated use.  Some of the key selling points of my greeting cards are: ▢

queen anne’s lace

queen anne’s lace In a dry environment the Queen Anne’s Lace seed heads transforms from a tight cluster to a beautiful open umbrella. Artist Book: OPEN is a hardbound books containing 16 images of Queen Anne’s Lace as it’s seed head opens. Printed on oyster paper, with finely textured, heavyweight paper cover, a small beautiful book for contemplation. 14 x 14 cm36pp 120gms Oyster Paper16 prints of Queen Anne’s LaceLimited

apple . blossom

The natural environment is the core of my work. My connection with the earth and the elements explores our relationship with primal nature. I see our history, joys and pains embedded within nature.  With the landscape embodying the human condition of frailty and resilience. We are in symbiotic relationship with all, the physical and human environment.  And yet we reek much damage upon it, and upon ourselves. The Apple Thankfully