queen anne’s lace

queen anne’s lace In a dry environment the Queen Anne’s Lace seed heads transforms from a tight cluster to a beautiful open umbrella. Artist Book: OPEN is a hardbound books containing 16 images of Queen Anne’s Lace as it’s seed head opens. Printed on oyster paper, with finely textured, heavyweight paper cover, a small beautiful book for contemplation. 14 x 14 cm36pp 120gms Oyster Paper16 prints of Queen Anne’s LaceLimited

solvitur ambulando

solvitur ambulando – solved by walking 1969 January 4th, the ambush of the Peoples Democracy Civil Rights march en route from Belfast to Derry, attacked by an organized group with rocks and clubs. The ambush took place at Burntollet Bridge, just a few miles outside Derry City. That same evening when the Civil Rights march arrived in Derry, rioting broke out. The Civil Rights movement then became eclipsed by the